Top 10 Comic Book To Movie Adaptations

Top 10 Comic Book To Movie Adaptations

Comics are great, movies too, what’s even better is putting the two together. Having imagining what your favourite comic would look like on the big screen is any fan’s dream, these top 10 have broken box office charts online, created new fans and blown the audiences minds with mind blowing effects, story lines and characters that shouldn’t have been away from the screen this long.

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10. Kick Ass (2010)

Mark Millar’s take on an average boy wanting to be a superhero, buying a sweat suit and kicking ass! Aaron Johnson plays Dave Lizewski/Kick Ass and does a fantastic take on what could be one of the best films of 2010. But its Chloe Moretz that steals the show as Hit Girl, with foul language that makes Quentin Tarrintino look like a school teacher, she shows no matter what age you are, kicking ass always looks good. Brilliant performance from Nic Cage as Big Daddy shows a fathers take on revenge using the abilities from his foul mouthed daughter, their enemy Frank D’amico played by Mark Strong, we get to watch evil and yet humour from both sides, although the story hasn’t stuck to the comic, the full movie is fun and entertaining in many ways.

09. The Ultimate Watchmen (2009)

Zack Snyder’s take on Alan Moore’s greatest accomplished comic, comes a film with cool effects, beautiful backgrounds and costumes to die for. Not being everyone’s cup of tea, the movie has fans still undecided as being one of the greatest comic adaptations ever made. I have listed this as the Ultimate Watchmen due to adding the Black Freighter making this flick more attention grabbing and gripping, for me adding the Black Freighter made this movie complete, with the original cut, it was still brilliant. The alternate 1985 is full of bright and beautiful colours, along the line with excellent performances from Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the hated Comedian and Billy Crudups’ blue man Dr Manhattan, their characters seem as real as what Moore put on to the page in the late 80’s. Do not underestimate Snyder’s take on comic adaption’s which include 300 and up and coming Sucker Punch.

08. HellBoy (2004)


Del Toro has been recognized as an astonishing director, directing movies such as: Pan’s Labyrinth, Blade 2 and Cronos have made him a household name. With the online release of Hellboy, a demon coming from the depths of hell to earth and being raised by Nazi’s, he comes as one of the great anti-heros ever created. Perlman is fantastic casting as the sarcastic and adventurous Hellboy. With a god cast behind him including John Hurt and Salma Blair, the story is fun, exciting and most of all astounding.

07. Batman (1989)

Shooting to fame in the late 80’s, Tim Burton became a household name by taking the task of making the world’s greatest detective into one of the best comic films ever made. The 1966 version seemed somewhat camp and less dark than what the cape crusader has been made out to be. Choosing the best person to play Batman/Bruce Wayne was to be Burtons lead star in Beetlejuice Michael Keaton and Easy Rider star Jack Nicholson to play The Joker. With a brilliant over the top performance from Nicholson, the movie provides a soundtrack from Prince, ‘those wonderful toys’ and the beautiful Kim Basinger adding to the cast as Vicky Vale. Batman is dark, adventitious and Burton always knows how to portray good gothic scenery with a beautiful Gotham City.

06. X-men (2000)


Bryan Singers first superhero movie after the brilliant success of The Usual Suspects shows that being a mutant is ok, with a cast consisting of Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellen playing former friends Charles Xavier and Magneto. Along with Stewart and Mckellen, newcomer Hugh Jackman who gives a brilliant performance playing Wolverine, we can watch action, suspense and just fun for any x-men fan. With a reinvention X-Men First Class to be released in 2012, we can only hope this will do as well as this version has provided us with.

05. Spiderman 2 (2004)

After the success of Spiderman (2002) Sam Rami was back with another, more successful than the first. With the best possible villain Dr Octopus played by Alfred Molina, he provides evil and yet compassion to the character. Although I have never been a fan of Maguire or Dunst’s portrayal of Spiderman/Parker and Watson, this film is great with the epic train scene and final fight between the Octopus and the web slinger. With another new reinvention in the works due to be released also in 2012, we can only hope it will be better than Spiderman 3.

04. Superman (1978)


Having Marlon Brando as your father would never have gone down well. When Krypton was destroyed Kal El, later known as Clark Kent and then later known as Superman, Reeve’s is one of the most iconic and recognized actors due to his online performance as Superman. Gene Hackman as the villain Lex Luthor also provides a brilliant performance with some humour and still loathing of Superman. The movie for its time was amazing, watching a man flying through Metropolis. The franchise had released 3 Superman series before Reeve’s decided to call it quits. In 2006, Bryan Singer released his rendition of Superman and failing to impress the audience, showing originals are the best.

03. Iron Man (2008)

In the late 90’s and early 2000 Robert Downey Jr didn’t have the best time acting wise, then comes along a character like Tony Stark for whom he is perfect to play. With a great supporting cast behind him, Gwyneth Paltrow and the recent Oscar winner Jeff ‘The Dude’ Bridges as assistant Pepper Potts and Obadiah Stane, Favreau does an amazing job at directing Iron Man, directing the follow up Iron Man 2 and hopefully a third part on the way after the release of the much anticipated The Avengers in 2012.

02. Sin City (2005)

Staying as close to the comic, the film with a great cast and director started a franchise one of a kind. A cast consisting of: Bruce Willis, Mickey Rouke, Clive Owen, Benicio Del Toro and a half naked Jessica Alba. The acting isn’t 100% good but with the effects and story, no one could care about the acting. Having a character such as ‘Yellow Bastard’ portrayed onto screen was brilliant along with the mix of tinted colours, this set stage for films such as: Watchmen and 300 to be showed to screen with acceptance for a new audience. With rumors of movies to be released based on each character singly, I will rush to the cinema to watch them.

01. The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

With the success of the first Christopher Nolan’s adaptation of Batman, Batman Begins comes the follow up that topped the box office charts. The Dark Knight sets the platform for great comic book movies. Outstanding performances all around with the late Heath Ledger playing the now infamous Joker won an Oscar for best supporting actor. Most of the cast from Begins features in The Dark Knight including: Bale, Oldman, Caine and Freeman. Although the role of Rachel Dawes was replaced with Maggie Gyllenhaal replaces the mild Katie Holmes. With a great story line, looking brilliant in IMAX (it is rumored that The Dark Knight Rises will fully be in IMAX) shows the beautiful scale and inside the mind of the wonderful Christopher Nolan. With some of Batman’s greatest villains featured in this, Two-Face keeps us hanging on if he shall return in the new one due to be released for free in 2012.